Today, we are honored to be speaking with musician and professor Dong-Won Kim. Our discussion begins with his formative days, forged from the turmoil ...View Details

Today, we are honored to be speaking with Grandmaster Don Baird (American School of Martial Arts; Chang Moo Kwan Kung Fu). Though martial arts are rar...View Details

Ep 5 | Test Pattern

Today, we at Usual Pets will be horsing around! We'll jam on the never-ending fullness of zeros, entryways to artful process through tension and relea...View Details

We at Usual Pets are very pleased to talk with Okinawan singer, sanshin player and creative being, Aragaki Mutsumi. Following the paths of Okinawan mu...View Details

Ep 3 | Hey MA!

In Episode 3: “Hey MA!” at Usual Pets, we at Usual Pets first present a WTF (Wondrous Transmogrified Filaments), a sonic cognition featuring Jeff’s sh...View Details

In Episode 2, "Music for Cows—Viral Superficiality," your hosts Richard Gilbert and Jeff Cairns at Usual Pets continue their exploration of ...View Details

Ep 1 | The Leap

In our inaugural podcast, Usual Pets takes a leap into new landscapes and territory. What is Usual Pets? Your hosts Richard Gilbert and Jeff Cairns de...View Details

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